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In this article, we will tell you: what is a static IP, why is it needed and how to activate it on the UNET.BY network. We have also prepared a video for you.

But before we move on to classification, let's understand for what we use the static IP?

You need an IP address to identify a computer on a network. It can be compared to the postal address of your house.

We all know that when you connect to the Internet or a network, a computer has an IP address. This is the network address of a node in a network of computers built over the IP protocol. Communication with the Internet obliges computers to have unique coordinates, because information must be delivered to a specific person, which is why the individuality of these numbers is so important.

Now let's talk about the static IP address.

A static IP address (aka permanent, external) is the IP address that is assigned by the provider when you connect to the Internet for an unlimited time. When a computer is disconnected or reconnected to the network, the address does not change, as happens with dynamic (internal) IP addresses.

What is the difference between external and internal IP addresses?

External IP address (static, permanent) - is given to a computer within the global Internet network and has a number of advantages over internal IP, including that each computer has a unique external (white) IP address. There are a limited number of such addresses.

Internal IP address (private, local) - is given to a computer within the internal network, but this does not mean that you cannot access the Internet with an internal IP. This means that no one from the external Internet network will be able to connect to your computer, while it is possible to connect to a computer with an external IP.

But what exactly is a static address for?

There are many things on the Internet that require the user to have a permanent IP address. One of these is the use of a computer as a server.

Example: You use a server on your home computer to work and transfer information. Since the equipment at work does not always maintain a high load rate. You have everything set up and debugged. But considering that each computer has a personal address, after the restart of the Internet connection session, the address automatically changes and you will have to set everything up again each time. Or look for all sorts of tricks that do not guarantee a problem-free connection. And with a static IP address, you will not have such problems.

Explanation: If you create remote access, then from our network you will work on the internal IP address, but when you use a different network, the connection will occur on a static IP address.

How to activate a static IP address on

To do this, go to your personal account.


Further, as soon as you are authorized, go to the Tariffs and Services section.


After that, go to Advanced Services.


And there choose static IP and activate.


This service is assigned to the client's login on our equipment and you do not need to register the service in equipment such as: PC, laptop, tablet, phone, router, etc.

This service costs 4,90 rubles per month and is debited in equal parts during the month.

How to find out your IP, you can read here.

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