Pause service

Последние изменения: 18.11.2022

This "Pause" service allows you to independently block your account for the required period (for example, if you go on a vacation or a business trip).

The minimum pause period is 3 days.

The number of free pause days that accumulate during the year is 45 days.

Accrued per year - 30 days of pause.

If you didn't have enough pause days, you can always get them here :)


In case of early deactivation of the service, the number of days remaining until the end of the pause will not be returned to your account.

The service is activated immediately after pressing the "Activate" button and from that moment the connection to the Internet will be lost.

An activated pause can be deactivated only 23 hours after it has been activated.

At the end of the pause days, the account is activated automatically at 4:05 am, after the time when the subscription fee is charged.

Please pay attention that free pause days are accrued and accumulated as long as the value on the day counter does not exceed 45 days. Therefore, we recommend receiving pause days for bonus points immediately before blocking.

To check how many pause days are available to you at the moment or to activate this service, go to the next section of your Personal Account.

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