Diagnosing Connection Problems with WinMTR (Trace) for Windows

Последние изменения: 12.12.2023

If you have the difficulties with accessing to any resource it the Internet, we recommend using the WinMTR* program for diagnostics. We have also prepared a video for you on how to make a trace.

*The utility is only for Windows operating system only.

WinMTR is a connection testing utility that combines the functionality of the "ping" and "tracert" system utilities. When you run diagnostics, it determines the connection route to the specified site. After determining the address of each node of the route, ICMP requests are sent to these nodes to determine the quality of communication to each of them.

1. Download the program

2. Run the WinMTR.exe

3. In the window that opens, in the "Host" field, enter the name or IP address of the server that you are having trouble connecting to (for example, ) and click the "Start" button:


Reported data:

Hostname - domain name or IP address of the host, some hosts may not respond to requests, so "No response from host" values ​​will appear, this indicates that the host has disabled responses to requests sent by the program

Nr - node number in the route

Loss % - percentage of lost requests-responses from this host

Sent - requests sent to this node

Recv - replies received from him

Best - the smallest (best) delay time

Avrg - average delay time

Worst - longest (worst) delay time

Last - delay time of the last received packet

It is recommended to wait until the program sends (Sent) at least 1000 requests, you can stop sending requests at any time by pressing the Stop button, but the more requests are sent, the more accurate the result

4. At the end of testing, click the "Stop" button, use the "Export TEXT" button to save the results or just take a screenshot and send it to us by e-mail 123@unet.by indicating your login. After that, our specialists will analyze the received data and give you the answer.

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