Payment through the BelAssist system

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Here we explain why we recommend BelAssist AutoPay.

In order to use payment through the BelAssist system:

1. Go to your personal account. Among the payment methods, select “Payment for services through the BelAssist system”. Enter the desired amount and click "Proceed to payment".

*Please note that with auto-payment you get a 2% cashback already when paying for an amount from 5 rubles or more. But we recommend an amount from 50 rubles for cashback from 5 to 20% in the form of bonus points.

2. Select a bank card as a payment method.


3. Enter your e-mail (after payment you will receive a letter confirming payment or refusing it).

4. Fill the information in all the required fields: card details, security code and click "Pay".


5. Enter the internet password or SMS code for your card. If you do not have it, then the card must be registered in the 3D-Secure system in the Internet banking of your Bank.

BelCard holders can do this according to the instructions posted on the website of BelarusBank.

6. After a successful payment, you will be automatically redirected to your Personal Account.


One of the main advantages of this payment method is the ability to enable auto-pay! This function will allow you to forget about the need to make a payment each time on your own - according to the settings you have set, the system itself will make write-offs when the balance reaches the threshold. To do this, you need to put the mark next to "Turn on autopay"


You will find detailed information on termination and examples of applications in our article on how to terminate a contract.

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